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The ‘Ultimate Collection’ includes: 1 eBook, 2 Templates, and 7 Packs all focused on helping you maximise your returns and sell quickly.  The collection items are listed separately below. If you already have the book and are interested in purchasing everything except the book, check out our Everything But the Book Collection and we also have two other collections – our Sale Preparation Collection and Due Diligence Collection.

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The ‘Ultimate Collection’ will help you to:

  • Gain techniques and tips on how to best maximise your profit personally
  • Demystify the business sale process so you can be one step ahead of the buyer rather than behind
  • Be prepared to handle the emotional journey
  • To increase the likelihood that you sell the first time through the sale process
  • Ensure the sale process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • To understand your current valuation and how to best increase it
  • To avoid ‘price chipping’ (the buyer reducing the offer price) and costly mistakes
  • Escape an earn-out (having to stay on as an employee and hit targets after the sale)
  • To ultimately create a successful exit strategy so you can start a new adventure, enjoy more time with loved ones, spend some of your hard-earned cash and do all the things you’ve always want to do but never had the time

What’s included in the Ultimate Collection

The Sell Your Business Book

The Sell Your Business Templates

The Sell Your Business Packs

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