Due Diligence Questions Checklist Pack 2


The ‘Due Diligence Questions Checklist Pack 2’ contains over 250 questions and requests (as well as specific sections for software houses that produce and host software solutions) that will help you to:

  • Be prepared for many of the requests that will be made by potential buyers during due diligence (DD) process
  • Frees up time and allows you and your business sale team to focus on the negotiations and keeping the business value up
  • Provide you with peace of mind that you’ve got everything in place to easily get through the due diligence stage
  • Proactively use your time now wisely. The more you prepare now the easier the process will flow
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Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
Related Packs
How to Use This Pack
Corporate Documents
Securities Issuance
Financial Information
Fixed Assets
Current Assets
Long-term Assets and Intangibles
Current Liabilities
Off Balance Sheet Liabilities
Business Segment Information
Internal Controls
Tax Status
Other Legal Matters
Insurance Coverage
Real Estate/Property
Intellectual Property/Research and Development
Related Party Transactions
Professional firms/Consultants
Customers, Sales and Pipeline
Information Technology and Data Protection
Employment Matters
Change of Control
What’s Next?


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