The Seller’s Professional Advisors Beauty Parade Pack


The Seller’s Professional Advisors Beauty Parade for Pack,’ will help you to:

  • To compare like-for-like professional advisors
  • Provide you with pertinent questions enabling you to get to know and understand the professionals
  • Focus on getting the right professional advisors on your side which, in turn, will get you your desired end result of a successful completion
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Part of Money-Saving Collection(s): Sale Preparation CollectionEverything But the Book CollectionUltimate Collection

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Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
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Part One – Researching Professional Advisors
The Types of Professional Advisors
Locating professional advisors
Preparing Your Brief
Sending your Brief out
Candidate Selection Qualification Checklist

Part Two – Short listing the Candidates
The Interview Process
General flow and tips for the interview
How to Make the Most of the Beauty Parade Score Sheet
Business Broker Pack
Preparing for the Interview Checklist
The Interview Agenda
Questions to ask your potential business broker
The Beauty Parade Score Sheet Template
Solicitor Pack
Accountant Pack
Tax Advisor Pack

Part Three – Decision making time!
Now that you’ve carried out the interviews, its time to decide!
Engaging your chosen Business Broker process checklist
Engaging your chosen Solicitor process checklist
Engaging your chosen Accountant process checklist
Engaging your chosen Tax Advisor process checklist
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