Preparing for Due Diligence Checklist Pack


The ‘Preparing for Due Diligence Checklist Pack’ will help you to:

  • Prepare yourself for the type and amount of data that will be required so that you can collate information proactively rather than reactively.
  • Prevent future hassle and time constraints. By getting a head start on the due diligence you’ll have more time to focus on maintaining/growing the business rather than getting bogged down finding and storing data.
  • See an example of what the solicitor will provide you in the form of a ‘due diligence questionnaire’.
  • Delegate due diligence requirements.  For example, you can copy and paste the ‘Employees’ section questions and ask your HR representative to collate the information. By starting now, you’ll quickly uncover areas that need attention such as ensuring there’s an updated Employee Handbook.  You’ll want to get started on that now before the sale process starts.
  • Reduce the likelihood of getting distracted on non-critical actions during the sale process.
  • Recognise what information will need to be regularly updated during the sale process as time moves on.
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Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
Related Packs
How to Use This Pack

Part One: The Due Diligence Questionnaire
DDQ Introduction

Part Two: The Data Room Numbering Scheme
Part Three: Collating the Information
The Data Room
Corporate Data and Structure
Corporate Agreements
Business Assets
Real Property
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Computer System and Data
Health and Safety
Sales and Marketing
What’s Next?


Number of pages: 35 (totalling  8.5MB)

Version: 1.01


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