Free Document Samples

We’ve put together a list of free document samples that you’ll come across during your business sale process and are referenced in our ‘How to Sell A Business‘ book.

pdf-ico Business Sale Teaser sample
As part of the sales documentation pack, your business broker will prepare a teaser letter for distribution to your target potential buyers.

pdf-ico Non-Disclosure Agreement Teaser sample
After reading the teaser letter, if the potential buyer wants to know more, your business broker will ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before providing them with more information.

pdf-ico Memorandum of Information Table of Contents sample
As part of the sales documentation pack, your business broker will also prepare a Memorandum of Information (MOI) which is more commonly known as the ‘IM’ document for distribution to potential buyers once they have signed the NDA.

pdf-ico Management Presentation Agenda sample
Once the potential buyer has read the MOI, the next step is a face-to-face meeting. Here’s what you should present in that meeting.

pdf-ico Data Room Structure sample
Due diligence will be so much easier if you’re organised so here’s a Data Room structure that you may wish to consider using.

pdf-ico Disclosure Letter sample
To make sure that everything is disclosed at Completion, this letter is drawn up by your solicitor.


checklistables-50x50Policies checklist sample
The policies list helps remind you what policies you may need to have in place. This is now available on