How To Sell A Business


How To Sell A Business: The #1 Guide will help you:

  • Gain techniques and tips on how to best maximise your profit personally
  • Ensure that the sale process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Increase the likelihood that you sell the first time through the sale process
  • Demystify the business sale process so you can be one step ahead of the buyer rather than behind
  • Be prepared to handle the emotional journey
  • Understand your current valuation and how to best increase it
  • Avoid being ‘price chipped’ (the buyer reducing the offer price)

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  1. Alexis

    A fascinating insight into the business sale process. Everyone who owns a business must read this so they are better prepared when they finally do choose to exit.

    The tips and the hints chapter is a gold mine!

  2. Kim Brown

    I had the privilege of working with Joanna Miller on this excellent book. Joanna and I met at a business club and both had similar stories to swap about exiting our businesses. I was lucky because I went through a management buyout making the process slightly less painful. Reading, helping with edits and reviewing ‘How To Sell A Business’ enlightened me to the sheer complexities of completing a trade sale. Starting a business is insane and I now believe selling one is just as crazy – it’s all about juggling a million balls hoping that none will drop. With Joanna’s book there’s a treasure trove of tips, experiences and explanations as to how the process proceeds. After reading this excellent guide business owners will be far more prepared for the business sale journey.

    Important note, however….this book isn’t for the small business going through a DIY sale or placing it on an online portal. This book is for any business owner that is or will be instructing a team – a business sale broker, solicitor, accountant, tax advisers and so forth. The cost of the book will be reimbursed over and over.

  3. Paul Marshall

    I’ll confess that I’m not a business owner but I’m interested in all things business and entrepreneurship. I half expected ‘How to Sell A Business’ to be a diary of an owner going through the process of selling a business, but instead it was a useful, practical guide which would help business owners avoid the pitfalls during their business sale (especially for the first time!). I especially liked the tips throughout the book which are more like shortcuts – either things to avoid or get done. Just reading those 3 pages of tips (because they are collated together in a section towards the end of the book) helped me understand the process so much better. I guess the best things about books like this is the ability to directly benefit from the good and bad experiences of others. Reading this book makes me want to have a business to sell 🙂

  4. Chinashaw

    An interesting read and one I wish I had read prior to trying to sell my business 3 years ago. I made the mistake of going online and finding a ‘broker’ who managed to take a nice fee, provide almost no advice and then spend his life acting like an estate agent, I guess that is what they were in reality. Had I read this book, I would have gone about the process completely differently and even have made a success of the sale. It is clearly written and concise, a pleasure, well as much as any business book really is, to read!

  5. Anna Smith

    A must read for anyone remotely thinking of selling their UK business!

    This book has been a godsend! We haven’t successfully completed the sale process yet however this book has saved us time, money and seriously reduced the amount of stress we would have had otherwise. I didn’t know how much work was involved in selling – thankfully a friend recommended this book and I will recommend it too!

  6. Impartial Observer

    This book is well laid-out and full of good advice – in fact, not just when it comes to selling, but as a way to think about the structure and strategy of your business.

    As a business owner, I am not ready to sell just yet, but I am looking at an exit strategy as part of my 5-year plan. The book has given me some real food for thought about the direction I take the business to ultimately make it more appealing to potential investors. Not only that, but a lot of the tips about how to structure and present your business are not just valuable when it comes to selling, but as a great framework on how to think about your business right now. For example, looking at different views of the financials really helps to understand where the value lies in your business.

    I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who owns a business, is thinking of setting up a business, or who is simply interested in business – a great read!

  7. Jim Gant

    Overall – Great stuff!

    Would have loved something like this before we came to sell.

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