Calculate Your Walkaway Price Pack


The ‘Calculate Your Walkaway Price Pack’ will help you to:

  • Understand your motivation factors and reasons for why you want to sell the business
  • Sanity check that your desired sale price is indeed possible
  • Use different methods and approaches to evaluate your business sale price
  • Have a reference which you can refer back to during the business sale process. This can be used when you’re experiencing deal fever or when considering terminating the process entirely
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Part of Money-Saving Collection(s): Sale Preparation CollectionEverything But the Book CollectionUltimate Collection

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Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
Related Packs
Who is this Pack for?
How to Use this Pack
What is a Walkaway Price?
What figure does your gut tell you?
Time to verify your gut figure
How much is your business worth?
Using a Revenue Multiple
Using a Retained Profit Multiple
Using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
Working Backwards from the Consideration
And Your Final Figure Is?
A Final Word

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