Creating the Data Room Pack


The ‘Creating the Data Room Pack’ will help you to:

  • Get organised proactively with the data room so you can focus on negotiations rather than filing, scanning and document referencing
  • Save hundreds if not thousands of pounds during the due diligence process by using data room software at the right moment
  • Understand how important the data room is and what the differences are between unofficial and official data rooms
  • Spot good data room software features
  • Be familiar, and prepared  about, the charges for data room software
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  1. Creating the Data Room Pack
  2. Data room folder structure (in zip format)

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Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
Related Packs
How to Use This Pack

Part One: The Data Room Explained
When you should start the data room?
The unofficial data room
Linking the data room to normal business practices
Who’s going to access the data room?
A word about your Competitors
What happens to the data room on completion?

Part Two: Data Room Software Packages
Software Features
On Whose Recommendation?
Data Room Software Charges
Part Three: The Structure of the Data Room
The Data Room Numbering Scheme
Drilling down into the Data Room Structure
What’s Next?

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