The Seller’s Completion Day Checklist Pack


‘The Seller’s Completion Day Checklist Pack’ will help you to:

  • Prepare yourself mentally and physically for Completion Day
  • Reduce your stress levels before and during the process
  • Remove any unknowns about the process
  • Prepare your strategy for dealing with outstanding negotiation points
  • Increase your chances of success
  • Keep you focused throughout the day
  • Prepare for post completion tasks
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Contains: Multiple checklists, visualisation and specific exercises

Part of Money-Saving Collection(s): Ultimate CollectionEverything But the Book Collection

Table of Contents:

Benefits of this Pack
Getting Ready the Night Before
The Night Before Preparation
Successful Completion Visualisation Exercise
Visualisation Exercise Questions
Strategising the remaining negotiation points
Negotiation Points Example
Your Negotiation Points
Completion Day Packing Checklist
A Few Tips
Completion Day – Countdown to Completion
Timetable of Completion Day Events
Required Documentation List
Required Documentation Explanations
Post Completion Checklist

Number of pages: 13 (totalling  3.9MB)

Version: 1.01