About Sell Your Business

Kim & Joanna_portraits-18Sell Your Business was created to help business owners around the world through the complicated start-to-finish process of selling a company. Throughout the website information and articles, books, templates and other resources, the creators of Sell Your Business aim to help you:

  • Gain techniques and tips on how to best maximise your profit personally
  • Demystify the business sale process so you can be one step ahead of the buyer rather than behind
  • Be prepared to handle the emotional journey
  • To increase the likelihood that you sell the first time through the sale process
  • Ensure the sale process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • To understand your current valuation and how to best increase it
  • To avoid ‘price chipping’ (the buyer reducing the offer price) and costly mistakes
  • Escape an earn-out (having to stay on as an employee and hit targets after the sale)
  • To ultimately create a successful exit strategy so you can start a new adventure, enjoy more time with loved ones, spend some of your hard-earned cash and do all the things you’ve always want to do but never had the time

If you’re just starting to think about selling, spend some time reading over the articles within the website and if you’re interested in the steps involved in the business sale process, check out, “Selling Your Business – The 12 Step Sale Process”. 

If, however, you’ve decided a sale is imminent, please purchase the Book, ‘How To Sell A Business: The #1 Guide to maximising your company value and achieving a quick business sale’ !

About the Sell Your Business creators

Joanna Miller and Kim Brown created Sell Your Business as their first joint-project. Both women have a passion for business. And more importantly, have successfully grown several companies and survived successful company exits! Additionally, the successful women also own CheckListables.com – with this site, they aim to house the worlds’ largest repository of quality checklists.

Everything about businesses fascinates the energised and enthusiastic duo. In particular – how business owners can successfully grow and eventually exit their business.

Joanna, Kim and the Sell Your Business team aim to demystify the business sale process giving you as much quality, rich information as possible to make exiting your business an enjoyable journey rather than a nightmare. Here’s more on the two dynamic women:

Joanna Miller

joannamillerIn 2012, Joanna exited from Cobalt, the business behind RingGo, the UK#1’s mobile phone parking company with her business partner. This was after spending 7 years growing the business and grooming it for sale a number of times.

Joanna started out her career with a specialist software engineering degree that focused on delivering military technology solutions. Since her coding days, she moved to the dark side of business management and focused on growing software products in the SME sector until she took time out to complete her MBA at Cranfield University. After returning to ‘real work’, in 2006, Joanna was a ‘Technology Women of the Future’ Awards finalist.

Since exiting RingGo, she is enjoying new projects and adventures which include coaching and providing consultancy to business owners. She enjoys working with business owners who ideally want to grow and/or exit their business. Additionally, she has a few startup businesses, with like-minded partners, that cover her love for technology, business, gaming, gadgets and sports!

Contact Joanna Miller.

Kim Brown

KimBrownAfter hitting the ambitious goal of a ½ billion turnover, and in typical entrepreneurial style, Kim Brown got bored.  At the age of 37, she exited the business and decided to look for new adventures; co-creating Business Wand (parent organisation for Sell Your Business) being one of them.

Until then however, she spent 2004 to 2012 organically growing one of the UK’s most successful foreign currency exchange specialists – Smart Currency Exchange Limited. Privately funded with a solid balance sheet and no debt the company has exponentially grown through one of the worst economic recessions on record.

In addition to growing Smart, Kim also founded, and remains a Director of, The Overseas Guides Company Limited (OGC), which was established in 2005.  The OGC was created to hand-hold overseas property buyers through the step-by-step buying process in over twenty foreign countries. The OGC is strategically aligned with RightMove.co.ukthe UK’s number one property website.

Kim and her business partner managed the growth of both companies however Kim’s largest strength was and always has been in marketing. Her strategies and innovative marketing techniques helped them to enter the currency marketplace at a very late stage. Despite being latecomers, Smart Currency is now ranked amongst the top players in the market.

Winning a multitude of business awards and featuring in various magazines as a successful business woman, Kim has always created valuable products and services through dynamic business and marketing practices.   Kim is well known throughout the currency exchange and overseas property industry. She has authored several property guides and has been published in over fifty newspapers and magazines. She also contributes to regular columns in magazines such as Overseas Living.

Previous to building her Smart empire, Kim also created and successful sold educational products online in addition being MD of and IT services company and working for Deloitte and Touché.

It seems like a long time since Kim left Rochester, New York, for England. And an even longer time since she graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 1998 but her degree in Business Management has definitely served her well. Currently, Kim is a non-executive director for a few UK based companies and consults for a wide range of organisations.